Today the shipping containers and roll off dumpster containers are used for many more things than they were initially built for. These containers are suitable for both transporting various things in them, and in some cases, living in them.

The characteristics of these metal containers can vary from length to height. The smallest roll off dumpster you can get is 10 yards long, and the biggest is 40 yards long, but both can be used for the same thing it’s just that one will provide more space than the other.

The brake from small to large is at the 20-yard mark. While the 10-yard ones have a typical dimension of 10 ft. Long by eight ft. Wide by 3.5 ft. High, the 20-yard ones are where the long dimensions stop growing, and it only grows in height in the 30 and 40-yard ones. So you might be wondering how many cubic meters can a 10-yard dumpster cope with?  One 10-yard dumpster holds ten cubic yards of any material which equals about three to four pickup trucks full of debris. But the biggest 40-yard one can hold up to 40 cubic yards waste. This is approximately equal to 12 pickup trucks full of debris. And that is huge!

The trucks can also be used in many situations for example:

– If you are moving

These dumpster containers can hold a lot more than one truck. So if you are moving, you might want to rent out a dumpster to pack all your things in as the trucks might have to come several times where the dumpster container can take it all at once.

– Remodeling projects

If you are remodeling your home, you are probably going to have lots of trash to pack up for the sanitation worker. Here is where the roll off dumpster containers shine. Renting one could be the best way to keep your yard clean.

– Landscaping jobs

A business might be moving tons of land from one location to another. This is precisely why these trucks are awesome for renting.

– Construction or demolition projects

The big projects for development require lots of tools and materials. Where other trucks might have to make several trips these containers can do it all at once.

-Living in them

These containers can also be a good housing solution for a company that is looking to house lots of its workers for a cheaper solution than a hotel. The cost of these containers compared to a hotel can be lowered by at least 50 %.

And people who are looking to expand their housing in their yard can place them for a fast renovation. But the roll off dumpsters doesn’t need just to be used for renovation. They can also be full-time houses for people that are sick of paying high rent. The containers are suitable for the normal day living as well.